‘Your parcel is in the bin’

Making sure you gave the correct address and full postcode for your parcel delivery is sometimes only half the story. You know it’s on its way, but you may not know when it may actually arrive – or even if you’ll be in when it does get to you.

Comedian Lee Evans has a great stand-up routine about postmen and their attempts to deliver parcels (or not). We’ve all been there. You wait in all day for that important parcel, only for it to arrive when you make the mistake of popping to the shops for five minutes. Then you get the infamous “Sorry, you were out” card through the letter box. And the ubiquitous wheelie bin means that we really do see ‘your parcel’s in the bin’ type cards delivered. The use of these cards by the Post Office may be on the wane, but here are a few entertaining examples that have caught our eye.

Chicken Run

Our favourite is the attempted delivery of an escaped chicken called Windmill in Somerset. Windmill, apparently a repeat offender, had been spotted by the postman who apprehended the hen and put her back in her coop, where she belonged. He then posted the delivery card through the owner’s letterbox, stating that he couldn’t deliver the hen because ‘it’s too large’. “He must have done a bit of comedy chasing” said owner, Ms Preston. All chicken escape routes have now been sealed.


‘Your parcel’s in the bin’

We hope this parcel was left just after the bin men had been, not before. At least it wasn’t the green wheelie bin, or the brown one. The blue bin is for dry recycling, which is a relief.


Special Delivery

Ever wondered what your cat gets up to when you’re out? Albert the Cat appears to have been ordering oversized packets. Catfood perhaps?


Arachnophobia Alert

Sometimes it might actually be better to be out when your parcel arrives. In 2011, a woman apparently had the shock of her life when she received a tarantula in the post. The Togo Starburst Baboon spider, a contender for the title of Most Venomous Tarantula, as well as being one of the fastest, seems to have made its way into a delivery she’d ordered online.  She took the fearsome creature to Chessington Zoo as, understandably, she was rather keen to get rid of it.

Terror on the Streets of Cornwall

Finally, spare a thought for the poor old postie whose job it is to deliver these parcels.  Last summer a street in Perranporth was declared a no-go area after posties were repeatedly attacked by nesting seagulls protecting their young. Dive bombing seagulls are a well known hazard around the coast, but normally they’re after your ice cream, not your gas bill.

Have you had an unfortunate delivery experience? Let us know below.

  • Our postman ALWAYS puts our post in an old rusty BBQ to the side of the house, we’ve kind of got used to it now and check the BBQ when we get home for any deliveries!

  • Natalie

    That’s hilarious Amanda, thanks for sharing. Let’s hope you don’t use that bbq in the summer!

  • Sarah Jones

    A postman once threw an Amazon book over my back garden wall, unfortunately he left no card so it was rather soggy by the time we discovered it!

  • Indeed, one should double check the addressing details he or she has provided on a parcel. There are always some people who doesn’t provide the correct details for the delivery and then blame the delivery services for any fault in delivery of that parcel.