Work Experience With Postcode Anywhere – An Experience I Will Not Forget!

I found choosing my placement rather difficult as, unlike many of my peers, I had no idea of where I wanted to work in the future.  I sat down and made a list of the subjects and hobbies I enjoyed and upon looking at this list, I noticed that they all shared one common factor; technology.

From an early age I have been passionate about technology, from the latest iPods to building my own PC. I have also always enjoyed maths and physics related problems and derived great satisfaction from completing these problems. I had also previously written some basic apps for the Apple iPhone which I enjoyed immensely but found I didn’t have the time to develop them further alongside my studies.

After discussions with my tutor I walked out of the careers room with contact details for a company named Postcode Anywhere and a link to their website. I decided to look the company up and, if I am honest, I didn’t really understand the benefits of their service, other than saving time by not having to type out a whole address and having it auto-completed for you.

Getting Started

Work experience week had arrived. I think the bit I was most excited about, was the fact that I would be doing something I had a genuine interest in. I was a little nervous, yes, but those nerves were instantly suppressed when I arrived and met the team. One thing I noticed upon meeting everyone was how bonded they all seemed as a team. Everyone seemed to know everyone and there was definitely a sense of equality between the team.

I began the week by having an introduction to the company and products, by various different members of the team and was explained the reasons for wanting to use address validation. Most of those reasons I would never have guessed beforehand but I instantly saw how they could save companies both time and money. For example, the most notable situation that was explained was how the incorrect input of a delivery address for a company could have a significant cost in the delivery of the item to the wrong depot. It was then explained to me how Postcode Anywhere’s Capture+ tool removed the possibility for this error using address validation.

Along with leaning a lot about Postcode Anywhere itself, I worked with many different members of the team throughout the week and have used many different programs to complete different tasks from writing a basic HTML web page to setting up VLAN networks with a server and a network switch. I think one of the best aspects of the week was being able to work in such a large range of departments within the company, from sales to software development, and even marketing. The week has given me exactly what I wanted, a week’s experience to give everything a try. Not only have I enjoyed working in all of the departments but I have also learned many new invaluable skills, be it the language of C# coding, the art of Photoshop or even the importance of customer relations.

Onwards And Upwards

If I had to be honest, the worst part of the work experience occurred at 4:00PM every day when I left to go home, as I genuinely enjoyed every minute of working at Postcode Anywhere! Before starting the week I was pretty unsure on what I wanted to do in the future, however, now I am certain I want my future job to be computer related. I enjoyed everything from the software engineering to the marketing as, although different skills were required for each aspect of the company, they all shared one common factor I was fascinated by; the technology behind them.

The week has been invaluable to me and has aided me in getting my ideas for the future clear in my head. I would like to thank the whole of the Postcode Anywhere team for taking the time to provide me with such a fantastic opportunity to develop my understanding of both the computing and business world. Thanks Postcode Anywhere and good luck for the future!