Worcester Enterprise – A great addition to the University of Worcester’s Business School

What a great event we attended recently at the University of Worcester’s Riverside complex. Run by its Business School the event was conceived as a forum to share best practice and inspire students to set up their own businesses. Young Enterprise was also involved as the concept of Worcester Enterprise fits perfectly with the not-for-profit’s core values and objectives.

Our CEO Guy Mucklow was invited to speak as an experienced local business owner and he was joined by James Workman a young cyber security company entrepreneur. The two of them represented businesses that were in very different stages of development and yet both gave sound advice that shared certain common themes.

James a former Chase High School student set up his company Dephrisk through participating on a 3SDLs Cyber Apprenticeship Development Scheme. Dephrisk provides low-cost assessments for company’s existing, external systems and websites. Its mission is to help SMB’s improve the security of their websites and email servers with clear analysis and advice.

PCA Predict’s Guy Mucklow was impressed with James’ enthusiasm and determination and the way he echoed his own ideology in relation to advice and guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs.   He said:

“It’s terrific to come to events like these and see the enthusiasm of very young entrepreneurs like James, who have given up a huge amount to live out their dreams. Sharing experiences is an excellent way of learning from others particularly in business where life at the top can sometimes be quite lonely. I am fully supportive of the work that David, and the University are doing to help promote entrepreneurship and the benefits of taking control of your own destiny. “

Dr David Bozward, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the University at Worcester is delighted that the events is appealing to a wide audience. A serial technology entrepreneur David has clocked up two decades of entrepreneurial business experience. He’s been an educator, mentor and an authority on international youth entrepreneurship. His extensive business experience coupled with his vast theoretical knowledge enables him to forge theory and practice together meaningfully in the lecture room.

Dr Bozward commented: “The aim of our monthly events is to breakdown the barriers, especially for our young people who are thinking about starting a new venture. This is made easy with amazing speakers such as Guy and James.”

At PCA Predict, Young Enterprise has always played an important part of our schools’ engagement programme and we were delighted that they became involved with Worcester Enterprise. Each year we sponsor several awards at South Worcestershire and Herefordshire and Worcestershire events. Company Programme gives participating students first-hand experience on how to set-up and run a business and gain an understanding of product development, marketing, pricing and best financial practice.


We wish Worcester Enterprise every success particularly as the City of Worcester has the potential to become a hub for entrepreneurial excellence.

Find out more about Worcester Enterprise events at: www.worcesterenterprise.org

Dr. David Bozward – d.bozward@worc.ac.uk