Why you should be validating Eircodes

In Ireland, over a third of properties have the same address as another property. Before the introduction of Eircodes in 2015, this created a whole range of addressing issues, making it difficult to deliver goods, services and communications.

What’s an Eircode?

Eircodes brought about a code for each, individual property, not just street, giving scope for companies, from retail to utilities to reach customers and prospects more easily. With the new code, not only are communications more likely to be received, but money is saved where it may have been previously wasted – failed deliveries aren’t cheap.

What’s the big deal?

In Ireland, 2.5 million items of mail are delivered on a daily basis. If you don’t have accurate Irish data, your company could be missing out on communicating with or delivering to 2.2 million addresses. Just think of 1) the money you’re wasting on failed deliveries and 2) the lack of conversions. And what about your customer experience? Imagine you’re a customer in Ireland, entering your address into a checkout form. Think about how frustrated you would feel if it wasn’t recognised.

If an Irish customer can’t find their postcode using your address lookup, let’s face it, they will likely abandon your checkout and go to a competitor’s site. This is extremely harmful to your customer experience, brand reputation and conversion rates.

Don’t leave it down to luck

At PCA Predict, we recognise the importance of accurate data and a great customer experience, and we offer Eircode data as a premium data set. The Eircode Address File (ECAF) contains the Eircode and USP postal address, which provides you with the accurate data you need on your website or in your CRM. As well as this, we also provide access to the Eircode Address Database (ECAD), which contains additional data such as geo-coordinates and alias address information.

Find out more about how we can help you get the very best Irish data.