What Would your Dream Office Look Like?

We’ve been talking a lot about our brand new waterside office and as you can probably tell we’re pretty chuffed with the results.

For any company, an office is much more than just four walls, a bunch of desks, some laptops, and an instant-coffee machine. While the standard 9-5 office was once a dull and dreary place to be, employees have now come to expect somewhere bright, fun and enjoyable to work. And with employee happiness and productivity at stake, it’s in every business owner’s best interest to make it happen.

So staying on topic, for this week’s Friday Chat we took to Twitter to ask you what your dream office would look like…


While these suggestions might be a little out there for most businesses it’s clear the standard 1970’s style cubicle offices just won’t cut it in today’s world. Saying that all @therustybear wants to see in his office is an ‘old-school dancing flower’:


Some people are easily pleased!


We spend almost a third of our life at work, so why not make it somewhere we can enjoy? A thoughtfully-designed space, with attention to details will no doubt have a positive effect on employees, staff morale and ultimately productivity.


An office is also a very powerful recruitment tool, a second home, a place to be inspired, and if all goes to plan – a place that will serve as the launch pad for the next million-pound business!