Webuyanyhouse.co.uk reduce advertising spend with PCA Predict’s address validation tool


Since inception, webuyanyhouse.co.uk has built a credible reputation on transparency and integrity. Offering a hassle free house sale, customers put their trust in webuyanyhouse.co.uk to guide them through a quick, efficient and free sale of their property. Alleviating much of the stress and time involved in selling a house through an estate agency the company offers a much simpler alternative.

Most recently, webuyanyhouse.co.uk has undergone a total rebrand including a new website launch. As part of its commitment to deliver a consistent user experience it deployed PCA Predict’s address validation solution powered by Capture+ into its back-end system.

I think a lot of what we do at webuyanyhouse.co.uk centres around building trust with our customers. Taking care of customers’ data is a statement of integrity as it demonstrates how we value it and they are comfortable knowing that what they have provided is valued.

We are one of the longest serving companies in our sector so for us capturing accurate data can be a key differentiator that sets us apart from our competitors.

The reason I was so keen to use PCA Predict on our new website was two-fold:

On a practical level it increases the efficiency of data entry by reducing errors which enables us to capture completely clean data. Using PCA Predict frees up time for our administration team to do other things, while allowing us to do some very initial research too, something our customers appreciate and respond well to.

On a more conceptual level I had the gut feeling that it would increase site visitor trust levels i.e. I anticipated most prospects would be comforted by the fact that we request some actual property details before claiming we’ll make an offer for their property.

When I joined the company in July last year we were faced with a high percentage of non-contactable leads, in part due to poor quality data, which was at an average of 30%.

In the relatively short period from when I took up my post to November this has improved by decreasing our disqualified leads figure significantly.

While we recognise that the improvements we’ve seen cannot be entirely attributed to the implementation of PCA Predict’s address validation, it’s certainly served as an aide de camp.

Since using PCA Predict our disqualified leads have dropped from 30% to 19%

A clear indication of why data quality is so important to our business can be explained when put into the context of our advertising spend; if you were to apply the average percentage figure of disqualified leads pre-Capture+ technology (30%) to our monthly advertising spend in January, £9,629 would have been wasted on lead generation ‘slippage’. Instead our disqualified lead percentage that month was 19%.

If you apply our average disqualification figure post website launch, we’re saving £1,635 per month i.e. £19,620 per annum (8% of advertising spend) by simply deploying PCA Predict’s address validation, which is fantastic.

Sounds like a cliché I know but we receive great customer support. PCA Predict’s service team are incredibly prompt and supportive and it’s really gratifying the way customer service and support reply to queries instantly.

– Jonathan Mamczynski, marketing executive, webuyanyhouse.co.uk