Improving user experience to boost your checkout conversions

Speed and convenience are critical features of a well designed checkout. Imagine if you will; it’s 7am, the alarm has sounded and your customer instantly checks their social media accounts.  A product shared by a friend grabs their attention, they head to your website to quickly buy it before dashing off to work. Do you see where I’m going? Your customer is already in a rush and if the UX is a nightmare they’ll be likely to abandon the checkout and forget all about it.

Many believe that user experience is key to converting the ‘I’m just browsing’ shopper or the ‘I want it now’ generation. Getting the checkout right is a sure fire way to turn them into a loyal customer.

If conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is your top priority for 2015 then you can’t afford to miss our upcoming webinar.

During this 25 minute webinar, we reviewed some of the best global checkouts to find out how UX and conversion work hand in hand. Joined by Formisimo (the UK’s leading form conversion specialists) and PushOn (Ecommerce and Magento checkout experts) – you’ll learn how getting the online checkout experience right will ensure happy customers, quality data and that your products arrive on time, first time.

Watch a recording of the webinar.