We all got physical at the ‘bikeathon’

We all did our bit for Sport Relief, but needless to say some of us did a bit more than others.

As the oldest member of staff at Postcode Anywhere, I was dreading the physical challenge that Chris, our office manager, and Guy our MD, had devised for us, without consultation I might add. Both incidentally are extremely fit. Chris is famous for running marathons and Guy cycles into work from his home most days – which I guess is about a ten mile trip- rumour has it that he has a fetish for wearing lycra but I don’t believe anyone could be that much of a masochist!

Basically we each had to spend 20 minutes on the exercise bike in the company gym. I thought that was probably OK. Sitting still on a saddle for that length of time, even without the aid of a safety net, would be fine. I thought I might even be able to give myself a French manicure. Then they told us that we had to cycle a minimum of 10 kilometres- by which time I was terrified with visions of me being carried away on a stretcher by two hunky paramedics – that bit wasn’t so bad actually.

Anyway the challenge began in alphabetical order so I was third – and I have to say whilst I didn’t break any world records I didn’t break or strain any limbs either. Chris was so proud of me being the oldest and possibly least fit amongst the ranks of some very competitive young people, she awarded me a lovely plastic medal – which I shall treasure for always. Thankfully I didn’t have to stand on a podium to the strains of the National Anthem.