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Valentine’s Day Retail: The Most Romantic UK Regions

Are you ready to romance your online shoppers?

Here at PCA Predict, we have been analysing ecommerce trends, and we noticed an enormous 25% YOY growth in Valentine’s purchases between Valentine’s Day 2016 and 2017. And this year, Brits look set to spend a whopping £650 million on the ones they love.

We’ve been taking a look at Valentine’s Day ecommerce data from 2017 to discover which area of the UK was most romantic and what device shoppers were besotted with. We’ve also studied our ecommerce trends data to find out what devices shoppers will be using this Valentine’s Day, as well as considering what retailers should be doing to ensure shoppers fall in love with their brand.

Most romantic areas on Valentine’s Day 2017

Most Romantic map - Valentine's day PCA Predict

So, last year, the most romantic online shoppers were based in London, according to our ecommerce trends data. And Londoners were followed closely by people in Bournemouth, Leicester, Brighton, Nottingham, Slough, Leeds, Bath and Durham.

The least romantic shoppers in the UK were in Southampton according to our data. Come on Sotonians – you can do better this year!

Top 5 areas with a fondness for buying fashion-related Valentine’s gifts in 2017

Fashion map - PCA Predict - Valentine's day

Londoners were also at in the number 1 slot for the top 5 areas to buy fashion-related Valentine’s gifts online. Outside of London, the people of Bournemouth once again showed their romantic flair, followed by people of Huddersfield, Nottingham and Brighton.

Top 5 areas to splash out on romantic Valentine’s food and drink in 2017

Food & drink map - Valentines Day - PCA Predict

And what about the gifts for the foodies out there? Their partners were most likely based in London, Exeter, Brighton, Coventry or Nottingham. These areas lurve their food and drink related gifts.

Top 5 areas with a desire for making Valentine’s health and beauty purchases in 2017

Health & Beauty map - PCA Predict - Valentines Day

When it comes to buying health and beauty related gifts such as perfume and makeup, online shoppers in London, Brighton, Slough, Leicester and Nottingham all wanted to make an impression.

Which device did shoppers love to use?

Fashion pie - PCA Predict - Valentines Day

On the buildup to Valentine’s Day, 2017, PC and phone were both popular devices with fashion shoppers, while tablet lagged way behind on just 12%. We can safely say that fashion shoppers are falling head over heels in love with mobile, but is the consumer-tablet romance dying?  

Food & drink pie - Valentines Day - PCA Predict

More than half of shoppers buying food and drink made more purchases via PC in 2017 (51%), and 37% of food and beverage transactions were made via phone 

In the health and beauty sector, PC was the predominant device, with 56% of shoppers buying via their PC, 32% via mobile phone, and just 12% via tablet. 

Valentine’s Day 2018: What’s in store and what should retailers be doing?

This year, our ecommerce trends data shows that 53% of fashion purchases on the lead up to Valentine’s Day in the UK will be made via a combination of smartphone and tablet. 59% of Brits will be buying their loved ones food and drink related gifts via desktop, and when it comes to health and beauty products, 49% will be made via desktop, versus 51% by a combination of smartphone and tablet – a near split.

With mobile becoming more and more popular, retailers will need to stay on top of this growing trend and ensure that they are optimising their site so that all shoppers have a great user experience, regardless of which device they are using.

 So, aside what can else retailers do to ensure their customers fall head over heels in love with their brand this Valentine’s Day?

Guest checkout

If a shopper is in a hurry, they’re likely to abandon the checkout if they’re required to create an account just to make a purchase. Allow them to complete the checkout process as a guest and have a much better chance of a) making a sale and b) seeing the shopper again in the future.


Make shoppers feel as though you are speaking directly to them by tailoring your messaging, which you can do by addressing the shopper by their first name and recommending items based on their purchase and search history. According to Hubspot, targeted calls-to-action have a 42% higher view to submission rate than generic messaging.

Short, intuitive forms

Having to enter masses of details is no shopper’s idea of retail romance. Cut back on the information you really don’t need and make sure you’re only asking what’s absolutely relevant. If you do need certain personal information, such a mobile number to contact them with delivery updates, be sure to explain why you need it.

Quick and simple address entry

Implementing type-ahead address validation is a great way to ensure shoppers can flow smoothly through the checkout without feeling frustrated. This tool auto-suggests as the shopper begins to type their address, minimising the number of keystrokes required. It also ensures that the data captured at this point is clean and accurate.

Delivery options aplenty

Having a range of delivery options is essential, especially on the run-up to a key retail date, such as Valentine’s Day. Shoppers will inevitably want to receive their item by a particular date, so allowing them to choose from options such as next day, same day or click and collect is a must. Noone wants to receive a Valentine’s gift the day after Valentine’s day.

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