Turning your Data into Dollars

With worrying declines in postal volumes, the pressure has been mounting for many of the world’s largest postal operators to reassess their business models and come up with new, innovative ways to reduce costs and replace dwindling revenues.

While most of the national postal services still deliver to all addresses in their respective countries six days per week, the threat of replacement that has come with the digital age is causing an immediate need for change.

For most postal service providers, discovering new business models couldn’t come soon enough. And yet, while many of the newly emerging models in the digital space have a lot going for them, nothing has so far emerged to fill the hole that is being created by the move to electronic communications.

Or has it?

Guy Mucklow, CEO of Postcode Anywhere believes that the postal services could be sitting on a pot of gold. According to Guy, the answer to growing revenue is right beneath their noses: data.

Guy will be at Post Expo on 1st October at 14.45 to answer any of your questions.

Find out how you can turn your data into dollars here.