Top Tips for Spooktacular Sales

Over the last few years, retailers have benefited from a boom in Halloween sales. According to Plant Retail, sales increased by 12.5% over the Halloween period in 2011, amounting to a staggering £315 million. This makes Halloween the third busiest sales period after Christmas and Easter, even putting it ahead of Valentine’s Day – now that’s scary!

Silly witches and vampire costumes are a must. But the ghoulish holiday doesn’t end there, the obsession with Halloween spans across the whole retail segment from decorations to food and toys and even pet supplies!

What makes or breaks a retailer’s holiday season is how well it prepares and promotes special offers – and more importantly how well it delivers those offers to consumers.

Follow these simple tips and you will have more sales this year than you could shake a wand at.

1. Give ‘em Candy

Help fuel the excitement of Halloween by running a competition, or having a promotion. This is not only good for business, but it can also help with your social media marketing and SEO. It generates traffic for your website and helps create the kind attention which helps to boost rankings.

2.  Trick or Treat

For many retailers the cheapest and most effective way to target consumers is through email marketing. Of course, the success of email marketing depends on your consumers receiving the email so validation software is key, otherwise the tricks on you.

Check out these top tips on improving email marketing to get you started.

3. Dig Out Your Broomstick

It should come as no surprise that Halloween is even bigger overseas. In a recent survey the National Retail Federation (NRF) found that over 70% of Americans will participate in Halloween this year in some way. This is the highest percentage that has been recorded in 10 years!

So now is the perfect chance to reach out to your international consumers. In which case investing in international validation tools should be a top priority.

4. Zombie Delivery

People are far more inclined to buy if they know exactly how long it will take to deliver, and if their broomstick is going to arrive in time for all Hallows’ eve. Amazon has got this down to a “T” and tells customers how quickly they can get their package with express shipping. Giving your customers an agreed window of delivery can really give your company a competitive advantage. Our research suggests that nearly two-thirds of consumers see timed deliveries as an important factor in their purchasing process.

Halloween is a fantastic impulse sales opportunity, so make sure your site is ready to embrace it!

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