Three themes that will dominate Post Expo 2013

The digital age has revolutionised the way in which we communicate. This is no more apparent than in the postal industry where mailing volumes have declined by over 15 per cent in most major economies over the last 10 years as e-mail and other forms of electronic messaging start to take over.

While many people are talking about how the postal sector is in terminal decline as less physical mail gets sent, the fact is, that for every threat that exists within the industry, there’s an opportunity.

The big question is what is the nature of that opportunity and how quickly can the industry react to take full advantage of it?

This is what makes Post Expo 2013 such an important and exciting event for anyone involved in the  postal business as either an operator, supplier or, for that matter, a customer.

The rapidly changing landscape provides a wealth of subjects to consider and discuss.

For my part, I’m going along to Post Expo to network with some of the key suppliers and operators within the sector and to find the answers to a number of key questions, which for me are:-

  1. How are postal service providers (PSPs) adapting their business models to respond to the decline in mailing volumes?
  2. How are PSPs, who are amongst the most consumer connected organisations that exist, capitalising on the relationships they’ve historically forged with the customer?
  3. What is the PSPs digital strategy and how do they see this as complementing or competing against their traditional buisness?

In the rapidly changing industry of post, mail and express, it’s critical for operators to find new ways to improve efficiency and quality of service, and develop new business areas if they want to make improvements to their bottom lines. I believe successfully answering these three questions is the key to achieving that evolution.

I will be investigating each of these in my own presentation (Helping posts replace dwindling revenue by monetising their data, Tuesday 1st October 2.45pm) at Post Expo. But in the meantime, I will also be writing a series of short blogs on each over the coming weeks leading up to the event. It would be great to hear your thoughts and input on each.

These are difficult questions facing all postal distributors and businesses, but behind them exists opportunities that will secure the future of the postal industry.