There’s nothing like community… online

I recently chaired some of the sessions at the Actinic User Conference 2010 and was pleased to see one of Postcode Anywhere’s customers, Heather Gorringe of Wiggly Wigglers talk about social media.

Wiggly Wigglers is a gardening company, which was founded 21 years ago. Not only were they quick to take advantage of the internet, but, understanding the passion of gardeners, they have used podcasts and Facebook to share their enthusiasm for gardening and their business. Since 2005, Wiggly Wigglers podcasts have had more than 2 million downloads.

What was especially heart-warming about Heather’s presentation was connection both she and her company have with its customers and its local community. “I come from a village where the people are outnumbered by the cows,” she said. It’s a great illustration of the internet’s ability to connect communities.

While the newswires tend to be dominated by bad news stories about online browsers, its shows that most people really want to be connected to those who share their passions, interests and problems. There’s nothing like community.

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Download Heather’s presentation here.