The truth about Eircodes

Eircodes are relatively new to Irish addressing, and before their introduction in 2015, there were several major issues that made delivering goods problematic. The fact that more than one third of properties had the same address meant that online shoppers’ deliveries were less likely to arrive at their home. This is a less than ideal situation for shoppers, but also a costly situation for retailers – not only in terms of postage, but also in terms of brand reputation.

We recently ran a survey of 1,000 online consumers in the Republic of Ireland to show what Irish consumers really think about Eircodes and what retailers need to know. Here’s a quick summary of what we found:

  • Almost ¾ of Irish consumers think Eircodes will help with delivery, as they give Irish residents a unique address.
  • More than ¼ of Irish shoppers rate their experience of the online checkout as average or poor, indicating there is still a lot more retailers can do to improve their customer experience.
  • Over 15% of those surveyed said that couriers struggle to find their address. That’s a lot of time, money and frustration.
  • Retailers previously thought Eircodes weren’t important, but they could be wrong – It seems that a whopping 70% of Irish residents know their Eircode. Including Eircodes in data capture is a great way to improve delivery rates.
  • More than ¼ of customers blame the retailer for delivery issues, and almost ⅓ blame the courier. This indicates that both retailers and couriers should be making sure address data is as accurate as possible.

If your address lookup doesn’t find Irish addresses, Irish customers are likely to abandon your checkout. Eircodes gives you the chance to improve customer experience, increase the chance of deliveries arriving first time and save time and money on failed deliveries. The success of Eircodes shows that Irish customers are seeing the benefits of using a unique, accurate address that will improve home delivery, and companies who are not yet validating Eircodes could be missing out on a huge number of conversions.

Take a look at how you can improve your Irish data by validating Eircodes.

Read the full survey Eircodes: what retailers need to know to find out more.