The start of an enterprising New Year as our schools’ programme calendar for 2014 is rapidly filling up

We had a great year in 2013 delivering enterprise and technology events in primary and secondary schools across the two counties of Herefordshire and Worcestershire with our 2014 calendar filling up nicely.

At the beginning of March (date to be advised as this had to be postponed due to our flooded car park) we are hosting a Young Enterprise volunteer and Link Teacher meeting prior to South Worcestershire Area Board’s Trade Fair event, which is the first leg of the Company Programme competition.

These events are very important to Young Enterprise volunteers and link teachers as they get an opportunity to network and share best practice with more experienced people. In March we will be  extending a warm welcome to those who will be mentoring and supporting the young achievers who will be participating in the Company Programme competition.

The Young Enterprise Company Programme involves secondary students, typically fifteen to seventeen year olds. It is a learning programme devised to encourage entrepreneurial attitudes in young people. The organisation’s mission statement is “to inspire and equip young people to learn and succeed through enterprise”. Its guiding principle is to do this through “learning by doing”.

Young Enterprise is the United Kingdom’s largest business and enterprise education charity. Every year it helps 250,000 young people learn about business and the world of work in the classroom under the guidance of a network of 5,000 volunteers from 3,500 companies.

STEMMING the way forward

We are also keen to support the STEM Ambassador programme and this year we have already lined up one or two schools that will be joining us for our Technology Taster Day events. We piloted this concept last year with students from New College.

Postcode Anywhere was delighted to host the event with our own objectives which were to give the students a ‘fun packed’ activity that would deliver a range of educational benefits and learning outcomes. The event was devised with the help of New College and endorsed by the STEM Ambassador programme.

The company is keen to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) subjects as a key employer in the technology sector. The New College event was so successful that we thought we would offer it to other schools in the area. Already we have schools in Malvern and Hereford that have expressed a keen interest to participate in Postcode Anywhere’s Technology Taster Day activities, so watch this space!

We are also excited about our ongoing support for Code Club and we are funding five volunteer recruitment events at different locations throughout the UK with our first one of 2014 in Newcastle on the 13th March. The last one will be held in Cardiff towards the end of the summer.

Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for children aged 9 – 11. The organisation’s overall objective is to give every child in the UK the chance to learn code. To achieve this it has the ambitious aim to have Code Club in 25% of primary schools in the UK by the end of 2014.

In order for Code Club to achieve its ambitious growth targets it is reliant on recruiting volunteers who have experience in computer programming to act as mentors in the classroom.

Postcode Anywhere’s CEO Guy Mucklow has been keen to support Code Club and back in November we held our own local event which was highly successful. He feels it is very important to help elevate the subject of computer science on the school curriculum as after all primary school children have the potential to become the next generation of developers.

The volunteer led after school clubs have been highly successful in London and we would like to help Code Club replicate the same success throughout the length and breadth of the UK.

Even more exciting is the recent launch of Code Club World a ‘not for profit’ organisation funded by donations from the public. In essence this means that Code Club projects, as we know them in the UK, will need to be translated by each country participating.

There are now a staggering 1869 Code Club communities throughout North America, all parts of Northern and Southern Europe as well as North Africa and India to name but a few global locations.

We are so delighted to have been early champions of Code Club. As the “not-for-profit” continues to gain momentum throughout the rest of the world we are proud to be amongst its supporters in the UK.

Setting a precedent this year we’re delighted to be exhibiting at the Education Innovation national conference, which takes place on the 27th and 28th February at Manchester Central Convention Complex.

Education Innovation brings leading education experts, thought leaders and inspirational practitioners to share advice, training and guidance about integrating innovation and technology into learning. We already have established great relationships with many key educator customers including universities, academies and other educational establishments who have been quick to embrace the benefits of Capture+. Come and find us on Stand A4 and join us for a coffee and chat. You’ll be assured a warm welcome and we can demonstrate how Capture+ can help you!