The roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd

The venue’s booked and the choirs are lined up to compete for what promises to be a bigger and better event than last year’s Last Choir Standing Corporate Event.

I know for a fact that last year’s winners are already rehearsing with aspirations of retaining the cup after winning at the inaugural event in 2009. Well Lauren (alias “Look at Me, I’m Sandra Dee”) Leukaemia CARE’s corporate manager and choir mistress, think again because we have got the most stunning repertoire lined-up – if only we had time to rehearse it.

We are so busy with the pre-launch preparation of our new website and fund raising for Sport Relief, that we just haven’t had time to rehearse, what looks like a quite challenging piece of music – well there are lots of those squiggly things – bass and treble clefs I think they’re called, dotted with crotchets and quavers (not the cheesy snack type I might add).

Our MC Jonathan Fisher will be on the case soon. He’s currently doing lots of techie things for the new site, but he’ll be exchanging his mouse for his baton any day now, so watch this space!

We are all really excited at the prospect of performing at The Forum, Malvern Theatres on the 11th November. There’s loads of space for those choirs who fancy performing a bit of nifty choreography although it’s quite a drop if you fall off. There’s a real opportunity for all you ‘luvvies’ to be a bit theatrical. My colleagues say I’m a right drama queen, so I’m halfway there.