The Road to WPC 2012 – Part Three

One week to go, and we’re pretty confident we’ve got everything sorted now (fingers crossed). Having looked at booking everything and then getting our marketing material prepped in the previous posts, this week I’m coming at you with something of a sneak peak of our new US website!

As international addressing experts we’re fully versed in the variations of delivery address formats across the globe, when it comes to web addresses however, we’re swimming in unfamiliar waters. In the past, our US domain has redirected to our UK website, no problem as most of our services are available in all countries you may think. However, can be as off-putting internationally as .biz is in the UK.

Going Global

As it becomes easier and easier for companies to trade globally, thanks to online collaboration programs and sales people sufferings from insomnia, it is becoming increasingly important to make it clear that your company does operate on a global scale. HSBC are fully aware of this as pretty much all of their TV advertising in the UK is focussed around understanding different cultures and countries as a differentiator over their competitors pitching themselves as “The World’s Local Bank”.

Oh Là Là

We take the exact same attitude to international addressing. Forms on a website shouldn’t just look like they’ve been translated; they should look like they were built for that country. Capture+, our latest addressing tool, takes care of this for our customers, using IP detection to automatically set the country and language of the address form. In the UK you will be asked to “Start typing a postcode, street or address” while in the US “Start typing a Zipcode, street or address”. France on the other hand is instructed to “Commencez a taper un Code Postal, la rue ou a l’adresse” which I assume means the same thing, my French is a bit rusty…

So as we make our way to WPC, and start sending out links to our website, collateral and promotional material, we will be taking steps to make sure it’s clear we are a global company that just happens to live in the lovely fields of Worcestershire. God Bless the internet, see you next week readers.