The Road to WPC 2012 – Part Two

There are now less than three weeks to go until WPC 2012 in Toronto. In our last blog post, we covered getting everything booked, which was a mercifully easy task (although as I pointed out last week, it could have been easier with some data entry tools). This week, we look at the traps and pitfalls when marketing in Canada or the USA compared with the UK.

Quick and Easy eCommerce

In the United Kingdom we’re pretty lucky when it comes to ordering stuff. Pricing is nice and easy: even ordering something to be delivered to John O’Groats from Lands’ End costs the same as your next-door neighbour posting you a card. (Not that mine ever does. He still has that hammer I lent him over three years ago.) Ordering things online or over the phone is quick and easy to understand, a luxury our North American cousins, to some extent, go without.

We also have an addressing system in the UK where each postcode only contains around 12 to 15 addresses, so when you call a company and have to give your address, providing a postcode and a building number is smooth and efficient. This doesn’t work over the Atlantic, where a ZIP code can return hundreds of apartments. This has proven a huge problem for other addressing providers. So how do we enable the auto-fill service that is so popular in the UK to a US and Canadian market? The answer, it turned out, was just around the corner: Capture+.

By enabling search on any part of the address, we are no longer tied to ZIP or postal code search, which never really got off the ground. Everyone is used to using a search engine to navigate the internet; Capture+ simply uses this familiar technology for a new purpose – address entry. This brings me, in a tangential manner, back to the purpose of this blog post, marketing to not only a different culture, but a group of different cultures (as each state has subtle differences from each other).

No Pants Stance

We also needed to make sure we avoided concepts that would make no sense to our target audience, so no mention of lifts, pants or sweets! More relevant to our market, we decided to move away from “Auto Fill” and focus more on the benefits of our service – speeding up address entry and capturing accurate data. We’re going to be showing off our point of entry data quality app for Microsoft Dynamics CRM at WPC, and if you’re in the area and fed up of closing the door after the horse has bolted when it comes to address data, come by stand 233 and we’ll see what we can do!
Tune in next week for another update as we get even closer to the conference!