World-cup addressing-data-infographic

The offside rule of addressing

Whether you’re a footy fan or hiding from the hype, no retailer can ignore the expected £2bn increase in global sports sales and £814m boost to retail sales in the UK, which is expected to result from the World Cup.

UK food and electrical retailers are set to benefit most of all as people choose to invest in new TVs and stock up on tasty snacks and drinks as they settle in to watch the first match this week. The longevity of the effect will undoubtedly be linked to how far England progress in the tournament – so UK retailers will be keeping their fingers crossed for the home team this year.

With the first match kicking off on Thursday, we thought we’d share our infographic of world addressing facts with you. Our close relationships with international data providers and global ecommerce organisations around the world mean we know a thing or two about the quirks of addressing across the globe!

World-cup addressing-data-infographic


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