The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the 2011 ecommerce Survey

A few months ago, we announced some of the findings of our 2011 ecommerce survey. We have now published the whole report, and the responses paint an interesting picture!

We canvassed over 1,000 consumers on the good, the bad and the ugly factors affecting online shopping.

The Good

The results indicate that consumers are now more comfortable than ever when shopping online. 25% of consumers planned to buy more Christmas presents online than last year. This is great news for etailers, but only those who are prepared for it.

With these findings we would urge retailers to ensure their site is eminently usable in order to capitalise on what promises to be the most productive Christmas ever. Make sure the stock levels are high and delivery arrangements are all in place. In my opinion the importance of a clean, quick and professional looking website in ecommerce cannot be overlooked.

The Bad

Website forms taking too long to fill in were a common gripe among consumers, along with security and enforced sign-up. The majority of consumers rated a speedy checkout as important in their overall shopping experience. Named by 44% of consumers as a major reason to prematurely abandon a cart, an overcomplicated payment process is such an easy problem to fix!

So if you’re still wondering why people aren’t buying your products, perhaps you’re committing cardinal sins on your checkout page. Asking too much information upfront is a sure way to have your customers scrabbling for that back button faster than you can say eCommerce! So make sure you only ask for information that is critical to the purchase. Any tools that can expedite this process are a guaranteed way to get your customers smiling again.

The Ugly

And now for the bad news. Almost one in ten people have been put off shopping online this year because of previous problems with deliveries. The results suggest that it’s all too easy to focus on driving website traffic and forget how paramount it is to deliver the products quickly, economically and of course accurately.

To succeed there needs to be a clear focus on the whole customer experience from purchase right through to delivery. An over whelming two-thirds of consumers rated timed deliveries as important when shopping online. These results simply can’t be ignored. We’ve said it before, but the customer’s experience does not end until they have received their products, and more importantly are happy with what they’ve ordered and the service they’ve received.

With less than a month until Christmas, now is a better time than ever to re-evaluate your website functionality and delivery procedures. Even the smallest change could reduce overheads and increase your operational efficiency.

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