Fixing failed deliveries

What’s the real cost of failed deliveries?

Great data quality is essential for the running of a successful business, and can lead to effective business decisions. Not only this, but it is also key to ensuring flourishing communication with customers and prospects.

Conversely, bad data can have huge implications that can lead to massive costs. One of the biggest implications of poor data quality the retail industry is failed deliveries.  Incredibly, one in 20 online orders is not delivered on the first attempt, which can lead to frustrated customers, brand negativity and costly redeliveries.

In fact, after a failed delivery, 54% of retailers refund delivery charges to the customer, 54% pay additional costs for redelivery and 38% offer discounts in order to soften the blow.

To delve deeper into the impacts of data quality, we’ve teamed up with independent research company, Loudhouse to bring a brand-new report on how data quality affects user experience. We explore the consumer and retailer experience of good and bad data quality, and assess the impact of frictionless customer data capture.

To get a better understanding, we spoke to over 300 retailers and 2,000 online consumers from across the UK, US and Germany. The full report will be released in January 2018, however you can sign up now to receive your copy of the results.