The (Cloud) Force is Strong in London

Ok so they’ve changed the name to the ‘Salesforce Customer Company Tour’ but Cloudforce is coming to the UK again and of course we were first in line to put our names down.

Cloudforce is a rolling series of one-day events that for the past eight years has brought the excitement of its annual user conference, Dreamforce, to the local level. I have attended the last four Cloudforce London events where Benioff’s team of evangelists have inspired folks like me, year after year. It is such a shame he no longer attends!

Customer companies

Last year, it was all about Social Enterprise and the idea that businesses need to become social if they want to stay competitive. This year Salesforce have reinvented the event and reoriented themselves around the idea of helping enterprises to become “customer companies”.

According to the firm a customer company is one that has connected customers, connected employees, connected partners and connected products. Customer companies use the latest technology trends – social, local, touch, big data, identity, ecosystems and communities – to better connect their customers, employees, partners and products. The common theme is that too many companies focus on internal processes and metrics and don’t focus on the customer. So these might just sound like a load of old buzzwords, but they’re really not. Amid all the Californian razzle-dazzle there is a decent amount of meaningful, forward-thinking content. And if you still need convincing I suggest you check out this video.

Benioff’s message of a customer company resonates with Postcode Anywhere’s beliefs on customer centricity. For years now, we have all tried to work around the age-old adage “the customer is always right”.

According to Salesforce, “businesses around the world are turning to social and mobile cloud technologies to connect with their customers in entirely new ways.” But customer connections are completely redundant without the correct data in the first place. The Salesforce platform supports many of the capabilities to enable different ways of connecting with customers; however companies are still facing major challenges handling their enterprise customer data.

And this is where we come in!

Postcode Anywhere will be exhibiting at the Customer Company Tour (stand 122) demonstrating our address validation tool Capture+. Using Capture+, Salesforce users can type any fragment of an address and return a complete and fully validated record in seconds, making customer, contact and lead relationship management much simpler.

You can’t be a customer company without customer data. Good data is the backbone of any business. Without accurate data, a business cannot understand their customer and prospect relationships, which is the main reason to implement a CRM system like Salesforce in the first place.

If you’re planning on attending the Salesforce Customer Company Tour this year get in touch.