The Big Business Buzzwords of 2014

As we saunter into 2014 we bring along a few buzzwords from the previous year. Predictions in ecommerce conceived these terms and now, with a New Year dawning, it’s time to bring them to life.
Consumers are feeling more confident about spending as they’ve found ways to manage finances yet still they expect more from the retailers they choose to shop with. Amazon, as always, are one step ahead providing the ultimate convenience along with instantaneous customer care but what can the medium sized businesses do to ensure customers keep coming back?


This was a word used liberally in 2013 and has lost no significance as retaining the customer has become as important as generating new custom. Developing a bond between the consumer and the retailer requires effort and a seamless service where the customer must be left with no feelings of stress and a sense of accomplishment every time they interact with your business online which leads to…

Telepathy and Empathy

Although many consumers worry about sharing their details online when it comes to the checkout process they expect your business to have their information at hand. Manually inputting an address every time is the fastest way to lose a customer’s interest unless you are selling ten pound notes for a pound. Customers have come to expect convenience and those that offer it as standard will thrive, as 2014 gets into full swing expect to see ecommerce continually seeking out ways to make checkouts faster, deliveries more convenient and customer care more personalised.

Access All Areas

It seems quite strange, without naming names, that there are still a few big eTailers that haven’t perfected the mobile experience. In 2013 customers endured the constant swiping on a smartphone to access information on the go. In 2014 this patience will run out as customers will expect a seamless service across all platforms as standard.

2013 was the year for introducing responsive web design, embracing the multichannel experience, remarketing, retargeting and optimising delivery while offering the ultimate convenience. 2014 should see the enhancement and development of all of these applications as we perfect the services to offer the ultimate holistic online package.