The Aftermath – Dreamforce ‘12

As with anything, all good things must come to an end, and what a good end it was! As in the past, I came home from Dreamforce inspired, exhausted, and needing the whole weekend just to recover.

As you would expect, much of the talk at the event was centered around engaging customers in new and innovative ways. There was a palpable energy throughout the event and plenty of opportunities to engage with like-minded people.


The implications of social media and social technology for enterprises were hammered home by Benioff after he was introduced to the stage by a surreal appearance from 80s rap star MC Hammer. What better way to start the morning than with a live performance of “U Can’t Touch This.”

With Marc Benioff’s usual flair, he deliberated on social themes for around three hours, bringing executives from around the world onstage – ranging from Burberry to Coca-Cola, but to be honest I think it was his glittery shoes that really stole the show! He effortlessly combined walking in the aisles, sharing statistics about the industry, and firing up the crowd about the power of the social revolution in a whole new way. If you’d like to see him (and the shoes) for yourself, you can find all the keynotes from the event here on YouTube.

It would be very difficult to put into words just how amazing/crazy/colourful/informative/energetic/awesome Dreamforce’12 actually was, so take a look at these short clips from our directors who sum up the event perfectly.

I’d love to hear if you had any other observations from the conference, feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of this page – don’t be shy!