Great results for Postcode Anywhere at St Richard’s Hospice Corporate Challenge Event

It was a great result for the team at Postcode Anywhere recently when we participated in a corporate challenge to help raise funds for our local hospice, St. Richard’s.

One early, drizzly, overcast Saturday morning, our Postcode Anywhere warriors braved the elements to do their bit for charity. We entered four teams into the gruelling physical challenge. We were also joined by other members of the business community and in total there were ten teams all keen to give their all to such a worthy philanthropic cause.

Postcode Anywhere’s Team A comprised Adrian and Rachael Mackwell (and their daughter Lottie), Mike Cook and Richard Geary. Nicky Rhead and her husband Colin, Ed Moseley and Tom Warsop represented Team B.

Adrenalin junkies Andy Bennett, Christine Cameron, Ed Nash and Tom Gurney were in Team C. Team D’s line-up included Alex Bryan, Jason Ford, Matt Gregory and Peter Rocker representing our sales force and proved to be more than a force to be reckoned with.

Activities included archery, shooting, zip-wire, island hopping and rafting as well as a range of other physically and mentally taxing challenges.

Youthful energy and stamina

All of the Postcode Anywhere teams were fairly close in the running order, with Team C in the lead up until the lunch break. Living up to its name, and ably assisted by eight-year old Lottie Mackwell, Team A, or the ‘A Team’ as they called themselves, did exceptionally well in the Chieftain challenge. They looked like they were close on the heels of their main competitors. Team D, which was indisputably the youngest team, embraced the challenges enthusiastically. What its members lacked in experience was certainly compensated for with youthful energy and stamina.

Ed Moseley, who was joined by husband and wife team Nicky and Colin Rhead and Tom Warsop did exceptionally well in the Spider’s Web challenge. Ed looked just like the comic- book hero Spider Man as he negotiated the complex configuration of ropes with his usual speed, agility and intrepidity.

Everything was going swimmingly, excuse the pun, until our brave teams ventured onto the water for the final raft building challenge. Unfortunately disaster struck as Andy Bennett, from Team C, dislocated his shoulder. Ouch!

Accident and Emergency…

Our brave hero was taken to the Accident and Emergency department at the local hospital, uncomplaining over his very painful injury but disappointed that he had missed the celebratory pig roast. Poor Andy – and poor Christine, who stayed with him throughout his painful ordeal, sacrificing her pork roll.

Of course Andy’s swift departure gave a competitive advantage to Team B, who had already begun to close the point gap between themselves and Team C.

All of the Postcode Anywhere team members enjoyed the thrills and spills of the final challenge and rumour has it that there was a little cheating going on as Team B attempted to scupper some of the other teams. I wasn’t there at that particular time, but the accusation came from a usually reliable, although somewhat biased individual.


The overall champion out of all of the corporate teams was Postcode Anywhere’s Team B, comprising Ed Moseley, Nicky and Colin Rhead and Tom Warsop. We were very proud of them indeed as they secured top place out of the total ten teams participating.

However, we were equally proud of everyone in the company who participated, giving up their Saturday for such a good cause.

We are currently totting up the funds but we are confident that we will exceed our target. Well done to everyone involved!

About St. Richard’s Hospice
St. Richard’s Hospice cares for patients and families in Worcestershire who are living with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Each year we give free care and support to around 2,200 patients and their families – helping them towards the best quality of life possible.