Sport Relief 2014 – A ‘Marathon’ team effort – Fun and games and raising money for a good cause

What an exhausting ‘fun packed’ day we had on Friday 21st March, our Sport relief fund raising day.

Of course Friday was the highlight of a month’s worth of team effort as the last four weeks we have been clocking up the miles as we participated in our European Tech Trek challenge.  We’ve virtually and intrepidly cycled, ran and walked through Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Zagreb, Berne,  Paris and Worcester returning to our corporate headquarters in Diglis. Not only that, but we even managed to do a lap of honour up to the Sabrina Bridge and back.

With sore feet, amongst other things, as a result of running, walking and cycling (on extremely narrow saddles I might add) we have successfully travelled across Europe without the aid of an interpreter. Victoriously we exceeded our Sport Relief objectives by raising almost £500, with money still coming in.

We have to say a big thank you to David Young (Mandy’s dad) who gave us a staggering £100 and helped to start the fund raising ball well and truly rolling. Some of the heart-felt messages of support as well as the generous donations that all our friends, family and colleagues have kindly donated have been fantastic.

Team PCA going the extra mile

Of course none of this would have been possible without the energy, enthusiasm and charitable spirit of Team PCA. Everyone embraced the challenge with enthusiasm but some of us went the extra mile, literally that is, to ensure we reached our final destination.

Standing on the Postcode Anywhere’s winning podium last Friday was Ed Moseley who won the cycling challenge but magnanimously forfeited his title and gave it to Steve Roberts who came a very respectable second. The Customer Service team nailed the running and walking events with Sophie Phillips putting in a ‘marathon’ performance and Kristine Young walking her way to a deserved victory. Our Sport Relief Olympians were rewarded by being ceremoniously bestowed with a range of Sport Relief memorabilia. Incidentally I still have my socks from our 2012 Sport Relief Pub Quiz event, which I wear with pride!

Back to school

After enjoying a lovely healthy lunch provided by Jacqui from Cafe Afloat our school sport’s day was a roaring success.

Steve Roberts just about beat Mike Cook by a narrow margin leaving Mike with boiled egg on his face in the egg and spoon race.  Ed Moseley, who seems to be good at everything sporty and fairly competitive, romped home to victory in the ball and bucket derby.


Pupil rebellion and teacher intervention

I’m afraid the book balancing challenge turned out to be a non-event because so many people were cheating and were disqualified. Our resident gym mistress Miss Demeanour had to intervene resulting in two people having to stay behind after school.


Sarah Jones from the marketing team won the Sport Relief sweepstake and generously gave back some of her winnings.

Miss Demeanour complete with her whistle and her intimidating smile did a fabulous job with her motivational shouts of encouragement and not a single pupil forgot to bring their gym kit, except for Jamie Turner who also failed to bring a note from his mum. Because our CTO gave so generously he’s excused detention on this occasion!!!


Why Sport Relief?


All the cash we have raised over the last four weeks will be spent by Sport Relief (Comic Relief) to help to change people’s lives at home and abroad. In the UK, we are helping to give shelter to young people living on the streets and protection to those living with domestic abuse. Across the world, money raised will be used to help children into education, and provide communities with fresh water and life-saving vaccines, things that we take for granted.

We spent such a nice but tiring day and we are extremely proud of our efforts so again a huge thank you to everyone including friends, family and colleagues.

It’s not too late if you would like to donate and remember if you do, you will be helping to change the lives of people at home and abroad.