Sleepy Hallow

On Wednesday, an eerie presence descended upon the quiet village of Hallow, set in the spooky depths of the Worcestershire countryside. Yes it’s that time of year again when it’s acceptable to; have the life frightened out of you by your colleagues, give sweets to children you don’t know and to eat cakes decorated with blood and maggots. It was Halloween of course.

Dressing up for Halloween has been a long standing tradition here at Postcode Anywhere and this year we went all out. With some of us dressing in the more traditional style of witches and ghosts, all the way to sci-fi commanders and ‘Where’s Wally’. There may be a few other characters from some well-known movies and video games in there too – can you name them?

We raised £100 via donations from staff and five pound fines from those who didn’t want to dress up. We did give them an option though; a small fine or a hung, drawn and quartering in the car park. You’ll be relieved to know that no blood was shed… this year at least.

All For a Good Cause

Postcode Anywhere kindly matched our fundraising efforts, putting our total raised at £200 – not bad for a day’s effort! We have decided to donate all money raised to Cancer Research UK.

Cancer Research UK has recently seen a huge rise in donations following their Stand Up To Cancer campaign, which has already raised over seven million pounds! Find out more about how we helped with the national campaign.

We’d love to see your Halloween photos from work. Send them to us on any of our social networks (located on the right hand side) and we’ll share the best ones!