Royal Mail launch simplified Postcode Address File licence

Offering an exceptional customer experience is one of the factors which separate good companies from great companies. One key asset in the arsenal of those great companies is the ability to offer what customers want, when they want it with no hiccups along the way. Delayed or lost deliveries is one such hiccup and why the use of address validation using Royal Mail’s PAF® dataset is a great tool in getting a business from good to great.

Up until now, the licensing fee, applied by Royal Mail to all users of PAF®, for internal (employee based) address validation has been significantly higher than that of external (customer based) address validation. This has meant that many organisations have not been able to stomach the higher internal fee. The announcement that from April, Royal Mail will be unifying the internal and external licensing models should therefore be heralded as a great step forward and a real opportunity for organisations to sure up their databases and in turn, the experience they offer their customers.

Paying a lower price for internal PAF® is not the only benefit of the unification. The fact that you now only have to pay a single fee no matter where you are using PAF® means administering it will be far easier. The usage reporting tool within the Postcode Anywhere account dashboard has always made calculating which credit plan is best for you relatively straightforward. However, the fee unification makes the selecting the optimum pack even simpler.

What are the major benefits to you the customer?


  • Simpler administration with unified pricing for external and internal address validation
  • Peace of mind in the quality of your address data captured both internally and externally
  • Improved employee efficiency by making it easier for them to enter addresses into CRMs and other internal systems.

You can learn more about the changes to Royal Mail PAF® licence, and how they might affect you if you are a Postcode Anywhere customer by reading our FAQs.

To find out how you could take advantage of Royal Mail changes to the PAF® licence please get in touch, our support team are primed and ready to help.