Redesigning the Account Section

In the coming months we will be launching a redesigned accounts section. Rather than a simple redesign, we’ve been working hard to (hopefully!) make it more intuitive, flexible, faster, while adding in a few new features.

We know everyone isn’t fond of change but we hope these changes will enhance everyone’s experience.

Why change?

Our current account section has become bloated over several years of additions, and the menus are less than intuitive. The technology it is based on is slightly dated and we feel there’s better technology out there to put to good use. So, all in all, we felt it was time to rein it in, consolidate it, and start afresh.

With this in mind, the new design is clean and simple and the arrangement of content is more logical. We have introduced a new product-based workflow which will make it easier for users to see what products they are using, access intelligence, and add new products to their account. The new layout has also has left us with plenty of space to expand into in the future and add in all the new features we have planned.

The new look

Here is a sneak peek of what we’ve got coming. We’re hoping you’ll think it’s a big improvement, but let us know what you think below.


The new dashboard (above) gives you an overview of what’s happening with your account through the notification pane and the usage reports. This is the main hub where you can navigate to all other areas of your account.

So what’s next?

Over the next few months we will be keeping you updated and introducing some of the new features right here on the blog. Then, around Christmas time, we will be opening it up to alpha testers. After we have had their feedback and incorporated any changes, we will open a beta early next year for everyone to have a play with.