Prestige Flowers expect to bloom this Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, we caught up with our friends from Prestige Flowers to find out how they are preparing to capitalise on one of their biggest holidays of the year.

Prestige Flowers is the leading brand for flowers and gifts with an enviable reputation in the industry for quality and service backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy. Launched in 2009, the firm has quickly become one of the UK’s fastest growing online florists.

What are your expectations for Valentine’s Day this year?

After a really successful Christmas we are expecting good things again for Valentine’s Day this year. We’re expecting an increase in volume from last year’s sales figures through repeat custom and the growing trend to send fresh flowers online. For our industry Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest most important days of the year, second only to Mother’s Day – contributing to 30% of overall sales in the industry.

Evidentially it’s a very important day for you, how do you prepare for the influx?

We employ an exceptional team of IT specialists with the perfect blend of experiences and technical know-how to ensure we deliver. Naturally, we expect customer services to increase during the peak so we recruit well in advance prior to a peak and train our staff in house to ensure our customers receive the very best experience. We carefully plan each peak up to eight months before it happens, so we were already thinking about Valentine’s Day back in June last year! This way we can make sure we fulfil each order to perfection. Doing this involves months of hard work dealing with growers from around the world, careful scaling and forecasting, logistical operational planning with constant development.

How do you ensure cupids bow hits the right target?

We use Postcode Anywhere’s Capture+ service to assist our customers filling in their delivery address in a quick and easy way. Before an order comes in to our system the address is automatically checked for errors in real-time. By checking the postcode, house number and street we can ensure that our orders are sent to the right destination the first time around. Due to the nature of our business items are perishable and have a limited shelf life so it is not something we can afford to get wrong.

Postcode Anywhere helps us to achieve our target of ensuring that each and every order is delivered fresh, on time, the first time.

What’s your biggest concern?

For Valentine’s Day, we pray for good weather! As with each peak, dealing with some of the largest couriers in the world, the weather is naturally important. On the day itself, we are fully geared up and ready to execute Valentine’s day with 100% Satisfaction. Timing is also really important; we have precise plans in place that will ensure our delivery.

How do are you preparing for Valentine’s Day this year? What advice would you give to ecommerce merchants looking to profit from this day – let us know below!