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Postcode Anywhere’s Visual Identity

As part of the Postcode Anywhere design team, one of our main jobs is to manage the visual identity of our brand across all media, from website design to trade shows.

When I started at Postcode Anywhere, the in-house design team hadn’t long started up (there being only one other designer).

One of our big jobs was to come up with an identity which would reflect the company and its style. We already had a logo and a font, but that was about it. From here we looked into colour, fonts, shapes, photography, layout etc. and used them all in a way that would work best for Postcode Anywhere. I believe it’s important that we have a unified identity; the perception of a company is highly influenced by consistency in its visual presentation and language.

In this blog post I’m going to briefly take you through the core elements of the Postcode Anywhere brand and a few examples of how it works across all the platforms we design for.

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Neo SansThe logo

The logo acts as a spokesperson for Postcode Anywhere’s visual identity. It uses the font Neo Sans and compromises two weights – regular and medium. Initially the logo had a tag line; however, as the company was growing so rapidly with its suite of products we decided to remove the tag line and create smaller brands for each product under the guidelines of ‘product name’ from Postcode Anywhere.

the coloursThe colours

As a designer we work within the colour spectrum guides of Pantone (more about Pantone another day)! We have two main Pantone colours for the brand, P293 and P5425. These are always used to get an accurate colour when sending documents to print.

We have two ‘sister’ colours, green and orange. Green is mostly associated with marketing and orange with technical.

PCA coloursThe Curves

The curves came about from the need of a device to accompany the brand’s logo – a shape that we could adapt throughout our design processes and ideas that work with Postcode Anywhere.

myriad proTypeface

The font we use is Myriad Pro. This goes on pretty much everything (except the website, as it isn’t a web-safe font unless it’s been used within an image). You will find this on our letterheads, product sheets, brochure, business cards – you name it! I guess we chose it for its clear and charming letter forms.


Our style of imagery very much reflects the attitude of the brand. From technical diagrams and screen shots to the photography, we have aimed to go for a friendly approach that sits between playful and practical.

Guy and Jamie

Lauren Rees and Ralph Ashby

PCA documents

Postcode Anywhere web page, new navbar

One of the hardest jobs when branding is keeping the branding consistent across its online presence and print work. They are both very different media, so their requirements aren’t the same.

This is only a really quick overview of the brand and what has gone into building its visual language, but with all of these elements you can start to build the foundations of a brand identity.  One of the best parts of this job is building an identity that you have managed and created from scratch. Every day we are looking at new ways to keep our visuals and ideas fresh while maintaining the consistency of the brand’s visual language. Below are a few links to some documents across the website which are to do with our branding. As for upcoming branding work, we are looking into re-visiting our style guide and freshening up our printed collateral.

Logo usage guide

Corporate brochure

Press pack


Pantone – A universal colour guide used by designers to obtain the right tone when referencing or printing a document, enabling the colour chosen to be an exact match when printed.

Web-safe font – There are a few web-safe fonts which can be used. These fonts will be on your computer – as you are browsing the internet your computer will source the font locally, so when designing for online keeping to the web-safe font list will ensure you know how your design is going to look on most computers, without it being automatically substituted for another font.

We always love to hear your feedback on the design of the website and printed materials – so please do let us know how you think we’re getting along!

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