Postcode Anywhere’s Muddy Minions in Mud Run Challenge – getting hot and dirty for charity

There are those people in pursuit of staying young and beautiful who would happily spend hundreds of pounds on mud treatments as  a form of beauty therapy.

Mud glorious mud

It’s well documented in the annals of history that Cleopatra and the Queen Sheeba for example, used it for enhancing beauty. Mud from the Dead Sea has a number of beautifying and therapeutic powers with its high mineral content beneficial softening and cleansing. It also enhances blood circulation and leaves the skin with a glow and a healthy radiance.

Philanthropy is more important than vanity

That’s not to say that at Postcode Anywhere the female and male members of staff are uninterested in staying young and beautiful and rejuvenation and maintaining youth and vitality is not a priority. It is well known however that raising money for charity is a sure way to make a person feel good about themselves, spiritually at least if not physically. That’s the idea behind the Mud Run challenge.

Nine members of staff including friends and family have picked up the muddy gauntlet and are going to embark upon a seven mile run through the muddy undulating rural Herefordshire countryside.

Postcode Anywhere’s team, aptly named as the Muddy Minions, will by traversing the same terrain that has been used, and continues to be used, as a testing and development track for Land Rovers. The legendary off road vehicles are really put through their paces and the Muddy Minions will also be tested for their resilience and stamina.

Undaunted by the prospect of getting dirty and exhausted for charity Carly Barnes, Nicky Rhead, Philippa Jaine, Bjorn and Farideh Wallin, Danny O’Boyle Max Wilmott, Jamie Sellick and Gemma Britton will sink into the boggy starting line on Sunday 19th October.

Mud larks!

The nine have signed up to participate in the Mud Runner Classic. This involves a gruelling seven mile run through mud and mayhem all in aid of raising money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It provides the widest range of children’s health services for young patients from Birmingham the West Midlands and beyond, with over 257,000 patient visits every year.

The hospital is a nationally designated specialist centre for epilepsy surgery and a trauma centre for the West Midlands; a national liver and small bowel transplant centre; a centre of excellence for complex heart conditions, the treatment of burns, cancer and liver and kidney disease; and it also has one of the largest Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in the country with a dedicated Eating Disorder Unit and Acute Assessment Unit for regional referrals of children and young people with the most serious problems.

As a charity its fund raising unit supports every area of the hospital and it’s well aware that many of its supporters often have a personal connection to a particular ward or department. Currently the hospital’s latest campaign is a £4 million Children’s Cancer Care Centre appeal to improve the hospital and enhance its cancer care provision. In 2012/13 it raised over2012/13 to create modern and child-friendly environments; purchase state of the art medical equipment; and fund research into the prevention and treatment of childhood illnesses.

Postcode Anywhere’s Muddy Minions will be running and splodging their way through the mud to raise much needed funds for Birmingham Children’s Hospital. If you fancy cheering them on at the starting line or as they intrepidly cross the finish line they would love to see you there and have faithfully promised not to give you a big muddy hug as they gasp with relief and triumph (hopefully).

To support our Muddy Minions please visit:

You can meet our team on Sunday 19th October, 11am, Eastnor Castle Deer Park. You can be assured that any support albeit financially or spiritually will make a huge difference to the families of the young patients that have been treated or awaiting treatment at Birmingham Children’s Hospital. As for the Muddy Minions they will get a great deal of satisfaction as they splodge, paddle and wallow through the slimy, sticky mud, dirty and exhausted but fulfilled as they complete their philanthropic quest.

  • Carly

    We did it!! Super tough, super muddy, but super fun!! I would recommend anyone give it a go!

    Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored us so far we’ve raised over £600 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital.