Postcode Anywhere’s Fifty Shades of Red

Wearing our brightest and best red clothing, our recent charity day was to celebrate the Wear It. Beat It.  campaign in aid of the British Heart Foundation. Also health related as well as continuing the red theme, in the same week six brave employees including our CEO gave blood, which was a first for us as a company.

The fact is that one in four of our loved ones are lost to heart and circulatory disease, so it seemed fitting that we supported the Wear It. Beat It. campaign by wearing red in some form or other.

In true Postcode Anywhere style, so many people made a fantastic effort by wearing an item of red clothing. The team donned their red sock, shoes, T shirts, tops and dresses. In fact the only items excluded were ties as wearing a tie to work on a Friday is as rare as alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.

For over 50 years the British Heart Foundation’s pioneering research has transformed the lives of people living with heart and circulatory conditions. Their work has been central to the discoveries of vital treatments that are changing the fight against heart disease.

There’s also a perception that heart and circulatory conditions is something that it attributed to older people and yet nothing could be further from the truth. There are babies born with life-threatening heart problems as well as the many mums, dads and grandparents who survive a heart attack and endure the daily battles of heart failure.

Our Wear It. Beat It. event was a great success. We raised an amazing £226.50, and the company is going to make it up to a lovely round £350. Well done everyone for their fantastic efforts.

Winning with style and a steady hand


 It’s fair to say that our design team whole heartedly entered into the spirit of things with Emily Hilton securing the best dressed prize, once again, having triumphed in the Christmas ‘P’ Party fancy dress.

Also proving that design can always keep their nerve when a steady hand is needed under pressure, Gemma Britton romped home in the Operation-a-thon. The final round was not only a contest of physical dexterity but it was a testament to speed and agility.

Postcode Anywhere team is all heart

Postcode Anywhere’s finance director Chris Harle drew the winning number for our Pink Champagne and heart-shaped chocolates raffle. He kindly relinquished the prize and urged that we drew it again to the delight of our PR manager Natalie Green who eventually took the romantic goodies home with her. In all fairness she did buy a lot of tickets, proving that both perseverance and philanthropy pay dividends.


So why did we choose to support The Wear It. Beat It campaign?

It’s likely that as individuals we will experience someone close to us that has or will suffer from some sort of heart-health related condition.  This is what influenced us at Postcode Anywhere to take pride in our collective fight for every heartbeat, knowing that every pound we raised will make a difference to people’s lives.

Proud of our blood donors

Earlier in the week six brave employees including our CEO gave blood, which set a precedent for us as a company.

NHS Blood and Transplant service is always keen to enlist the help of more blood donors to come forward and give blood that can literally save lives and improve the health of many people with life threatening illness.

Blood is used in the treatment of all kinds of anaemia which can’t be medically corrected, such as when rheumatoid arthritis or cancer is involved, when red cells break down in newborn babies as in the case of sickle cell disease for example.


Fresh frozen plasma is used after obstetric loss of blood (which is usually childbirth), during cardiac surgery, and to reverse any anti-coagulant treatment.

It’s also used to replace clotting factors after massive transfusions or when they are not being sufficiently produced, such as liver disease and for the treatment of haemophilia  for example.

Processed plasma is also used to help produce stronger antibodies against diseases like tetanus, hepatitis, chickenpox and rabies.

Blood saves lives and much more

Everyone knows blood is literally a lifesaver for those who’ve been in an accident or need it to help survive treatments and operations. But for some, whose illness has no cure and that last battle they face, just can’t be won, a blood transfusion can help to improve their quality of life during their final months, weeks or even days.

For all these reasons it is so important to give blood if you are able to, because of course not everyone is. People on medication for example are excluded and also those that may have certain health conditions themselves.

We are hugely proud of our blood donors including Philippa Jaine, Mandy Young, Neil Majhu, Derek Hampton, James Sills and Guy Mucklow of course. Well done to all of you. You have the satisfaction of knowing that you may be saving a life or improving the quality or longevity of a person’s life and it is a highly commendable achievement.