Postcode Anywhere Mentors Budding Entrepreneurs

The Postcode Anywhere team has volunteered to be business advisers for the Young Enterprise Company Program at the Chantry High School in Martley.

This scheme encourages students from the age of 14-19 to come together and run a business throughout the course of an academic year. Team members nominate each other to perform different roles within that company from; managing director, sales and marketing directors all the way through to company secretary.

Just like in the real business world, teams sell shares to raise capital and exploit opportunities to display, promote and sell their products to the public.

Postcode Anywhere has been supporting Young Enterprise in the local area since 2007. We have given the enterprise charity our help by providing bursaries, sponsorship, awards and business advisors. Postcode Anywhere also has representation on the South Worcestershire Area Board, which means that, as a business, we are made aware of nation-wide enterprise initiatives and how they impact on our region. Our MD, Guy Mucklow, has also been a key note speaker at both Area and Strategic Board events.

Guy has always been keen to forge links with education and feels strongly that classrooms and corporate boardrooms would benefit from working together more collaboratively.

The Young Enterprise programme has been devised to recreate a real-life business situation. The year 10 students at the Chantry have called themselves the “Littlebig Enterprise” and will be selling a collection of wooden products and vintage vinyl records remade into clocks here on Friday at Postcode Anywhere.

Laura White explains her role as Young Enterprise adviser: “My first meeting with the Littlebig Enterprise team was truly overwhelming with so much energy and budding entrepreneurial potential from children as young as 14 years old. As my role at Postcode Anywhere involves the management and co-ordination of events alongside generic marketing activities, the children sought my advice on how best to market their products and where best to maximise selling potential.”

Click here if you would like to find out more about the Young Enterprise scheme.