An introduction to Phone number validation [VIDEO]

An introduction to PCA Predict’s Phone number validation services for web forms, epos and CRM systems.

Statistics say that 91% of adults always have their mobile phone at arm’s reach, so text messages and calls can be a really great way to connect with your customers and keep them informed about orders and promotions.

We all make mistakes, especially if we’re in a hurry or typing on a tiny touchscreen.  Our research shows that, on average, 6% of phone numbers entered online contain errors.

Prevent this inaccurate, unusable data from entering your customer database with our phone validation service.

By verifying phone numbers in real-time, we can detect if an entry is valid or not …right at the point of entry. We can even let your customer know so they get a chance to fix it before they send it to you.
…perfect if they need your text message before they can proceed.

Our phone validation service looks beyond the format of a number,
checking that the number actually exists and can receive calls and messages.

We can also tell you more details about a number,
like which country it is registered in,  which network carrier it belongs to …and whether the user is currently roaming
Helping you to send the right messages at the right time.

It’s easy to set up, just copy & paste our code onto your form and choose the fields you like us to verify. Perfect for websites, epos and CRM systems.

Accurate phone numbers, save you time and money, helping you to make a great impression that keeps your customers happy.

Sign up online and try PCA Predict Phone validation today.