PCA Predict’s Phone Validation Saves Intelliflo Time and Money

Intelliflo provides software for clients in the financial services sector to help them to become lean, efficient and manage risks more effectively and ultimately build better businesses.

As part of Intelliflo’s commitment to continually improve client care it has adopted several of PCA Predict’s services including address and phone validation. The company also uses payment validation which verifies client bank account details, mitigates payment failures thus helping to improve cash flow.

PCA Predict’s phone validation is an essential tool for us as not only does it ensure that client contact details are accurate and up to date but it enables us to establish whether that person is in the country or not. This is really important as our telephone operatives can avoid contacting people when they are out of the country.

The service exceeds merely checking the length of the number as it ensures that the phone number captured is real and that it can accept incoming calls. The flexible API functionality enables us to detect the network the number belongs to, the country it’s registered to as well as its current geographical location.

PCA Predict improves our overall efficiency saving our business time and money

We ran an evaluation process and PCA Predict came out in terms of cost and other influencing factors such as the ease of integration and its deployment compatibility with our existing systems.

The implementation of PCA Predict has delivered vast improvements in reducing errors which saves us money by increasing our overall efficiency. This not only helps us to deliver improvements to client services but it also promotes higher levels of client engagement, empowerment and loyalty. I think we have a responsibility as custodians of client contact details to look after them and it saves us, as a business, time that would otherwise be spent manually correcting the data.

– Hamish Purdey, Chief Executive Officer, Intelliflo