PCA Predict secures Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation 2016

We are so excited here at Waterside as we received the news that we have won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation 2016 for our address validation service powered by Capture+.

This is doubly exciting as we secured the honour on the day that Her Majesty the Queen celebrated her ninetieth birthday.

Although we could be described as award junkies at PCA Predict having quite a few displayed on our trophy shelf, we consider the Queen’s Award to be the ultimate badge of achievement. Many people say it’s the most prestigious award you can obtain in business, and we wouldn’t argue with that. It’s certainly been a fairly rigorous process to attain it.

Award Criteria

The criteria for the award is based on quite a few elements, for example commercial growth and how do you plan to continue to deliver that growth and, just as importantly, sustain it. This is the part of the submission where companies are actually audited.

Ethical values and principles

Ethical values and principles are also assessed in the award criteria. For example, what are our economic, social and environmental impacts on society? At PCA Predict we pride ourselves on our ethical values and we are delighted that the Queen’s office has validated this in the actual conferment of the award.

The other important factor about receiving a Queen’s Award is that it is for everyone in that particular business as it very much reflects on having good relationships with employees. Again we consider our workforce to be our most valuable asset as team spirit exists in abundance at Waterside.


Innovations approved by customers

We have of course won the award for Enterprise Innovation and many of our customers, partners and stakeholders would agree that we have pioneered several significant technical innovations in the data validation market. They have played an important part in helping us to develop certain innovations as we have always found customer consultation and input from them an invaluable tool for continuous improvement.

Since we were founded in 2001 we have continued to work on innovative services that have helped the ecommerce sector and other businesses to harness the full power of their data via the internet.

PCA Predict won the award in recognition of how its search based method of retrieving address data has helped to transform its market. It enables customers to more easily capture international addresses where the postcode or zip code may not exist.

The address validation service, helps to remove friction on web forms, making it quicker and easier for customers to complete the checkout process. Ecommerce businesses also benefit from being able to capture data from around the world in one service.

PCA Predict’s address validation tool has been a huge commercial success helping us to become one of the leading customer experience services in ecommerce with over 10,000 customers including Tesco, Trip Advisor, Oxfam and Dow Jones.

Our president Guy Mucklow said: “Our vision at PCA Predict to “transform our market through the power of search and service”, is an exceptionally powerful statement which requires a high level of confidence in knowing how your market needs to evolve and in the ability of your team to deliver.

“The company is delighted to have been recognised through the Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation. We’re really looking forward to the next few years as we launch a new range of predictive services which we believe will further enhance our position in managing online customer experience.”

Visiting a special postcode in London

Our CEO Jamie Turner and director Maeve Mucklow are now preparing to visit a very special postcode in London. In the meantime the rest of us are preparing for Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant Col. Patrick Holcroft LVO, OBE to come along to our Waterside premises where he will present us with a Grant of Appointment.