More for Less…

If they are, then we would probably lay claim to the one currently being chanted across the UK (especially in the public sector) – “more for less.” It’s nothing new, of course. You could argue that since the computer was conceived and the first commercial devices sold, it’s been at the heart of every IT value proposition. Every one that’s worked that is!

One thing we realised early on was that it’s not just the technology that matters, but the entire customer experience. These days it’s not hard for software developers to create interesting online services that do cool things. What’s much harder is ensuring that every part of the process works smoothly – technical integration, free trials, sales advice, procurement and after-sales support. Only when you have ticked all these boxes do you have a full appreciation of “value”.

We hope this week’s case study, from motor parts suppliers Rimmer Brothers, will testify to this. Rimmer Brothers saw an opportunity to save costs on their online address validation by switching to Postcode Anywhere. But, as ever, it was not the cost saving which stood out most prominently for them – it was the value of good customer service.

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