Introducing the PCA Predict Magento extension to verify customers in your checkout and improve conversions [VIDEO]

Learn how to boost conversion rates through your Magento ecommerce checkout and capture accurate customer details with our validation extension.

Video transcript:

Take a closer look at your Magento ecommerce store…
Are your customers faced with long checkout forms?
It’s a fact that long forms drive more customers to abandon orders and leave your site.

Are you unable to email customers because their email address is fake? or maybe they entered a mistake when they typed it?

Maybe you ask for a phone number so you can update customers about their order, or special promotions, with text messages – and some of those messages are undelivered too?

Do you get parcels returned to you because the delivery address can’t be found?

Help is at hand!

Get the PCA Predict Magento extension for your store.
We can check customer addresses, email addresses and mobile phone numbers are valid, the moment they enter them into your forms, with our innovative verification services.

It’s easy to set up, just choose which form fields you’d like us to verify for you.

We verify customer delivery addresses in real-time, wherever they are in the world – even if they mistype or forget a word.

We check email addresses are correct and can receive emails as soon as the customer finishes typing.
You’ll know your emails will be sent to the right place, looking after your customer and protecting your email reputation.

And we check the phone number is valid for SMS messaging, so you’ll be able to update customers about their order quickly and conveniently via text – keeping them informed creates a great impression.

And when their order is delivered to the right place, on time, they’re more likely to come back and shop with you again.

Reduce the number of fields you need on your form, Speed up your checkout, improve your checkout conversion rates and make your customers happy.

Try the PCA Predict extension in your Magento checkout today.