Limbering up for Sport Relief

What a great day we had on Friday 23rd March, when we all donned our sports gear for Sport Relief 2012.  Some members of the team looked like they were ready to participate in this year’s London Olympics while others were less convincing. The office was positively awash with Spandex and Lycra.

Among the line-up were rugby, football, baseball and basketball players, athletes of all kinds including a few joggers, one lone golfer, an Olympic skier, darts player, sumo wrestler and a rather colourful ‘surf dude’. He must have found it difficult surfing up the Bristol Channel along the River Severn to Hallow all the way from Fistral beach, as familiar to English surfers as Bondi beach is to our Australian cousins.

I think one of our guys must have misinterpreted the brief – there’s always one – as he came dressed up in combat gear. I suppose, to be fair, he could have come dressed as “Action Man” – which was really what the day was all about.

The highlight was definitely our table-tennis tournament, which was nail-bitingly exciting, with Tom Millen and Tom Warsop competing in the finals with Christine Cameron and Ed Moseley. It was a close call in terms of skill levels, but our accounts department yet again proved that not only are they good at totting up the scores, but they are fantastic athletes – as they beat the Toms by three games to nil.

I found it quite amusing, as the table tennis tournament had a sort of ‘karaoke effect’ on people. You know how it is when you go somewhere where there’s karaoke and people are reluctant to get on the stage. It ends up that you have to literally prise the microphone from their clutches at the end of the evening after oh-so-many renditions of “I Will Survive”. Of course there’s always alcohol as the excuse for breaking down those inhibitive barriers.

Our PR Jim Williams would, I am sure, admit he’s not a great ambassador for sport, and yet he was surprisingly good at table tennis. He impressed us all with his forceful serve and prolonged rallies. I thought to honour his prowess I would write him a short song.

Ping-Pong Wizard

Ever since I was a young boy,
I’ve played the golden bat.
From Malvern down to Hallow
I was as stealthy as a cat
But I ain’t seen nothing like him
In any spectator throng
That curly-haired wordsmith
Sure plays a mean ping-pong!

He stands like a statue,
Becomes part of the game
Skimming the green surface
Playing like he’s insane
He plays by intuition,
The umpire is proved wrong
That curly haired wordsmith
Sure plays a mean ping-pong!

He’s a ping-pong wizard
There’s got to be a twist.
A ping-pong wizard
He’s also great at whist.

We rounded off the day with a ‘Question of Sport’-themed pub quiz and pizza bash. It was a totally fabulous day and we raised a staggering £280. A special thanks should go to our HR and Office Manager Christine Cameron for all the hard work she put into the event as it was fabulously organised. Thanks should also go to Ed Moseley who lent us the use of his table tennis table.