Let Them Eat Cake – Cooking Up Something in Aid of Help for Heroes Charity

History wasn’t my strongest subject at school. Ironically, it was Domestic Science, so I couldn’t help but look into the origins of the phrase “Let them eat cake” which I once believed to be something that Queen Marie Antoinette said.  Just as well I have never encountered the question in a pub quiz as it is apparently one of the most commonly misattributed phrases ever.

Whether the tragic monarch said: “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” or not, it is nice to think that cake and philanthropy have their rightful place in the annals of history.

Honouring both cake and philanthropy

I am happy to report that just recently the team at Postcode Anywhere have honoured both cake and philanthropy in our latest fund raising activity.

As part of our Colossal Cake Sale in aid of the charity Help for Heroes, our Hallow offices were temporarily transformed into a bakery as everyone brought a home-made cake to work.

The display of cakes and buns was so impressive – and again, it highlighted what a multi-talented group of people we have at Postcode Anywhere and how everyone does their utmost to raise money for a good cause.

Help for Heroes

Help for Heroes is a very worthy charity that provides practical support for those soldiers who return from military conflict seriously injured and need to rebuild their lives. The charity’s Colossal Cake Sale is really gaining momentum as an annual event guaranteed to give aspiring bakers a chance to demonstrate their culinary skills. For people who don’t particularly like baking, it’s a great opportunity to taste some really scrumptious cakes, pies and biscuits.

There were cakes galore in all sorts of shapes and sizes including muffins, cup cakes, brownies and biscuits. Amongst the larger cakes there was a rather inviting lemon drizzle cake, although we have it on good authority that it was not completely home made and that someone called Sainsbury gave its creator a bit of a helping hand.

Amongst the cake beauty pageant was a stunning and rather imposing coffee cake, which was made by our highly creative graphic designer Gemma Britton. She proved that she is just as accomplished and dexterous with a palette knife as she is with a mouse. Gemma very deservedly walked away with the day’s prize for the ‘best looking cake’ which was a rather appropriate apron and cookie cutter.

Raising over £145

The day was a great success and again meticulously organised by our HR/Office Manager Christine Cameron and was as smooth as Mary Berry’s Victoria sandwich mix. Bless Mary, who is surely the Patron Saint of the “good bake”?

Christine came up with the brilliant idea of raffling the cakes which was fantastic. We raised a £145 and ate so much cake that we really were ‘caked out’ and unable to move for the rest of the afternoon.

Well done to everyone for a great collective effort and well done Christine for coming up with yet another fun (and ‘calorie-packed’) fund-raiser.

To find out more about the Help for Heroes charity visit: www.helpforheroes.org.uk