Lakeland improve their checkout process with PCA Predict


Innovative kitchenware chain, Lakeland, use PCA Predict in their online checkout, praising its ‘fast, up-to-date and comprehensive address lookup service’.

Lakeland uses PCA Predict’s address validation tool, so that their online customers can rapidly fill out complete and accurate delivery addresses. Managing director Tony Preedy says the product has helped Lakeland speed up their whole checkout process.

Lakeland has once again selected PCA Predict as their data capture service provider to speed up the customer journey through our online checkout.

Having used the service as part of our website for several years now, we know that it provides our customers with a fast, up-to-date and comprehensive lookup service for addresses, and provides us with the assurance that we are capturing standardised, accurate information.

We are pleased to reappoint PCA Predict as our service provider and they remain a trusted supplier to our business.

– Tony Preedy, marketing director, Lakeland