Introducing PCA Predict services for improving customer experience and ensuring accurate data [VIDEO]

During NRF in New York, Luis describes the value of PCA Predict services for improving customer experience and ensuring accurate data to increase the efficiency of business operations and gain insight.

Video transcript:

PCA Predict has been working with retailers for the last 15 years, helping them improve their overall user experience.

What we’ve done is really focus on reducing a lot of the friction a lot of these customers face when they’re going through their online checkout.

So what we provide is auto-complete for address forms and we supplement that with our email and cell phone validation services from a global perspective.

So it’s estimated that about 4 trillion dollars worth of revenue is lost each year by customer abandonment rates.

We even took a survey here with some of the major US retailers and 91% said that due to bad customer data, they have a lot of failed deliveries.

So what PCA Predict has done is introduce Checkout+ services, so what that does is when a customer is at the checkout, all they will need to do is start typing the first couple of letters or numbers of their address and we will validate that address in real-time and auto-populate the rest of the form for them, really reducing all that friction, which is the number one culprit in customer abandonment rates.

We’ve taken the same type of technology and applied it to our email service, where we check the syntax and domain and even ping it to make sure it’s a real address. And thus, we do it as well for our cell phone validation feature, again, all from a global perspective.

We’re always trying to improve on our technology, so we’re about to release our Fuzzy matching. This service takes care, for example, any kind of words misspelled, extra spaces; especially common in a world filled with phones, iPads and laptops.

As we’re always trying to improve our services here at PCA Predict, we’re introducing our new Triggar functionality. This is for the ecommerce professional on the go. What we’ve done now is take all the important analytical data you need to thrive in a business and put it in an app for you. It’ll record the number of address lookups, the number of hits you have on a daily, monthly or even weekly basis, and how well your product is selling compared to other peers in your industry.