Insurance companies: Why make it difficult for people who buy new builds?

Having recently moved house I’m going through the agonising process of changing my address on just about every license and account known to man – driving license, utilities accounts, TV license….the list goes on. I’m not here to complain (in fact many places seem to have really improved the UX of their online change of address process), but the procedure did make me think how much more difficult it would be if organisations involved didn’t recognise my postcode.

From listening on Twitter I know that it’s an issue many people face, particularly those who have moved into a new build or a flat. Arranging for a new washing machine to be delivered or for broadband to be installed can turn into a logistical nightmare – the last thing you want when you’ve just moved in. These are just a couple of recent posts:








Seemingly, insurance companies appear to get the most flack for dealing badly with new builds, so to find out if there was any smoke to cause this fire I took a brand new postcode (as an approved supplier of Royal Mail’s Postal Address File, PCA Predict is privy to all new addresses added) and tried getting an insurance quote on four leading insurance websites: Aviva, LV, Moneysupermarket and More Th>n.

Aviva, LV= and More Th>n all failed at the first hurdle, with error messages saying it could not be found. Although Aviva did provide a number to call, it still felt frustrating.





More Th>n


These guys were the only ones to recognise the postcode, and they even apologised for the fact they can only currently quote for people who know their postcodes.




I’m confident that there are lots more good and bad examples out there, but based on this quick search it would appear it is an issue that needs addressing (excuse the pun). With more new builds popping up every day, (and with most political parties promising even more post-election), it’s so important that insurance companies use up-to-date data and additional files such as Not Yet Built and Multi-Residence to ensure a fuss-free service for existing and potential customers. In doing so,  not only will they provide a better service for their customers and increase profitability as a result, they will also reduce customer service hours spent manually supporting these issues.

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