Increase your ecommerce sales in two simple steps

Many ecommerce businesses are too immersed in picking and packing orders to constantly review their failed orders and abandoned baskets. Yet, helping these potential customers over the line is easily done and can boost your sales by as much as 10%. Here’s two simple steps to boosting your sales.

Reducing Abandoned Baskets

People shop very differently online to how they would on the High Street. We all browse shops to get a flavour or what we want to buy, but online shoppers will frequently add those items to their basket so that they can a) see how much they are going to spend, and b) essentially create a wish-list of items.

This is where ecommerce site owners are missing a trick. Allowing potential shoppers to save or email their wish-list basket (to themselves or to a friend) maintains a relationship beyond the last click.

Some customers also want to actually purchase this basket load of items but find your website confusing or tiresome. If your checkout asks for a name, address, an inside leg measurement and much more irrelevant data they will become form weary. Seeing 30 blank fields will have them running back to a Google search.

Analytics tools like Formisimo help ecommerce businesses identify where customers get annoyed at checkouts and leave. By analysing the time it takes to complete the process, where users make the most mistakes you can begin to identify the drop out points and make evolutionary changes that transform the completion rate of your checkout process.

Failed Orders

A failed order arises when the payment gateway rejects the customers card and thus the transaction isn’t completed. You get an order status of ‘payment failed’ and presume the customer will try again. The failure may be caused by a number of reasons – incorrectly entered card number, incorrect CVV number, expired card data or an incorrectly entered name and address.

The last one may surprise you. How could a customer get their own address wrong? An Englishman like me moving to a Welsh address can cause spelling problems (imagine living here), as can students living in multi-dwelling accommodation, and we are all guilty of simple typos.

Also the customer may have their address correct, but the payment gateway card database may be slightly different. If you have chosen the tightest security settings possible (i.e. match everything) then you may be missing out on orders.

The use of Capture+ and the way it prompts people with correctly formatted addresses – can be an answer to this. We’ve seen real world typos like ‘Shelfield’ or missing data like ‘flat 4 axminster road’ (er…what house number?) that could be easily avoided resulting in your order numbers going up.

Ecommerce is Evolutionary

Ecommerce projects don’t have an end.

If two simple changes to your website can raise sales by 10%, imagine what you can achieve by looking into the detail every month. You may start with a beautiful design and 837 products but your site will continually evolve. Making incremental changes to your design or crunching analytics data each month makes sound business sense. You’re the real intelligence behind your website, never forget that.