If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the Devil’s Kitchen

We have now selected the teams for the culinary charity challenge of a lifetime, our Devil’s Kitchen event which will take place on Thursday 22nd October.

Devil’s Kitchen is a recipe of team building, corporate entertaining and charitable giving and is cooking up a storm across the nation. Originally created by the Smile Foundation, the event was devised to raise money for local charities.

The way the epicurean extravaganza unfolds is that two teams of eight from competing companies (or divisions within one company) are challenged to prepare, cook and deliver a meal for 80 guests. The teams will be guided, throughout the day, by the host venue experts, to ensure their guests have a great visit to Devil’s Kitchen. Guests are also able to view the live action through a CCTV system linking the kitchen and the dining room.

Guests score their team’s performance, giving scores for entertainment, service and each course of the meal. The scores are counted and an average score is given, crowning the company or division with the highest score, the winners. There is no charge for guests to attend, instead they are asked to make a charitable donation for what they feel the evening is worth.

PCA Predict were thrilled that the Worcester Whitehouse Hotel agreed to allow us to host the event. This was a big ask from us as not only has the City-based venue agreed to let us use their function room but their Head Chef, Kevin Andrews will be letting-loose eight amateur chefs into his kitchen. He will be mentoring them through the entire ‘food prep to table’ process. Does he realise what he’s taking on? Let’s hope not in the event he changes his mind.

The two competing teams of eight are divided into two with four people in each team responsible for preparing and cooking the food and the other four in each team responsible for the ‘front-of-house’ duties.

PCA Predict’s Team Leaders are CEO Guy Mucklow and CTO Jamie Turner who were, shall we say, put under a little pressure to participate in Devil’s Kitchen, but have embraced the challenge in the true spirit of philanthropy. We will be raising money for St. Richard’s Hospice which was a good inducement for both of them.

Everyone is really excited as it will be the first time that Devil’s Kitchen has ventured into the Midlands as up until now events have been held at venues in the north of the UK including Hull, East Yorkshire and parts of Scotland.

Although we have brave teams going head to head in a hot kitchen and the ‘front-of-house’ people will be tasked with serving food to PCA Predict friends and family, their colleagues will be right behind them.

Devil’s Kitchen has helped to raise over £300,000 in the last four years. The funds raised have had a huge impact on local communities, helping to provide and deliver a wide range of services particularly around health and education.

If you would like to help support our fund raising efforts please visit: www.virginmoneygiving.com/team/PCAPredict