How undeliverable as addressed mail is destroying your business

Chances are you experience tons of Undeliverable As Addressed (UAA) mail every day, but do you really know how much this is costing your business?

UAA is when mail doesn’t reach its intended destination due to an address being entered incorrectly, not being completed fully or when it is hard to make out. And with over 153 million addresses in the US, this can be extremely problematic.

Not only is this a huge cost for postal services (around $1.5 billion a year according to USPS), but it is also expensive for mailers, who lose out on printing, postage, and perhaps even worse, opportunities to engage with customers – whatever their motive. In fact, 94% of businesses say address errors impact their performance and customer loyalty.

If an address is incorrectly entered on an online form or into a CRM, this can mean massive losses for ecommerce companies. In 2015 approximately 1.4 billion standard and first class items were returned to sender, according to the USPS. The need to get correct data is more important than ever with increasing numbers of people choosing to do their shopping and bookings online. It is unsurprising too that smaller devices like mobile phones can often result in typos being entered and letters being transposed and this can lead to dirty data, which can be tricky to clean.

This is where address validation comes into its own, minimizing the issue of customers entering incorrect data by quickly capturing accurate addresses. This, in turn, leads to satisfied customers, cleaner data, better conversion rates and stronger relationships with customers.

Returned mail is a problem for almost every business in every sector, with the implications going way beyond the costs of postage, envelopes and re-sending documents. Only by capturing accurate data at the point of entry can you ensure your mail will be sent to the right receipt every time.

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