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How to perfect the end to end customer journey in 2018

There are many factors that can lead to a poor customer journey, which can be extremely damaging to a brand’s reputation. So, what can retailers do to ensure that their experience is a great one for their customers, and to keep them coming back? What do they need to do to thrive in the ever-changing landscape that is retail?

At PCA Predict, we understand that it’s sometimes important to look back before you can move forward. So, in our webinar – Perfecting the end to end customer journey in 2018, taking place on 30th January – we’ll take a look at what happened over last year’s peak trading period, key trends in ecommerce, and what worked particularly well for some of the biggest retailers out there in 2017.

We’ll be joined by GiffGaff‘s Riaz Ali and Salecycle‘s Graham Charlton, who will provide us with their take on retail in 2017, as well as further insight into how ecommerce and optimisation managers can keep up with – and even stay ahead of – consumers’ changing expectations. We’ll also consider top tips for perfecting the customer journey in 2018, such as using personalisation and optimising the checkout to create a winning UX.

If you’re planning your ecommerce strategy for the year ahead, or want to know more about vital improvements you can make to your customer experience, you won’t want to miss Perfecting the end to end customer journey in 2018. Sign up now to save your seat on 30th January, 2018 at 11.30 GMT.