How to Cash in on Mobile eCommerce: 10 Top Tips (Part Two)

A few posts ago we started to look at how to make the most of mobile commerce. In part two, we conclude our look at m-commerce – and further investigate how you could get a slice of that £4.5 billion in annual revenue (remembering it’s only set to grow)!

Be secure

Our recent research indicates that security was the number one concern when shopping online. For a lot of people, the idea of sending your credit card details from your phone can still seem a little alien. Your customers will only purchase products once they feel safe and confident in your mobile store.

Make it clear to them what is being tracked, what data you are collecting and why. Ensure your privacy policy links are clearly visible to avoid any future headaches (or lawsuits). You should also provide full contact information for your customers to get in touch should they need to.

Speedy sites

In the world of eCommerce, a page taking ten seconds to load can seem like an age; in the world of mCommerce it can seem like a lifetime. A slow-loading website will almost definitely turn customers away – before you’ve even had chance to talk to them. In fact, 44% of online customers rated a slow loading page as a top reason to abandon their cart.

Another common culprit for data-laden slow pages is Flash. Your mobile site should be free of flash completely. Bear it in mind that iPhone and iPad users won’t even be able to see Flash anyway.

Seal the deal

Smart phones are all about convenience, something retailers can’t ignore in their mCommerce strategies. Once customers have made a choice, they’re only interested in buying and completing the checkout process as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Your site should offer useful features such as one-touch add to-cart buttons. Non-essential steps in the checkout process and enforced sign-up can add friction and are likely to result in a lost costumer. Read more ways you can improve the checkout process here.


It’s important to remember that not everyone is comfortable with buying from a mobile device, so it’s vital your site accommodates all of your shoppers. In fact, our recent survey of online shoppers found that 52% of participants rated the option to collect items directly from a shop as important. (Plug alert: help your shoppers find your shop by adding a store finder to your mobile site!)

Get Social

Remember that smart phones are also social devices! Make it easy for users to share your products adding to wish lists and one-touch posting capabilities to sites like Facebook and Pinterest.

It’s also important to remember that smart-phone users will often have one of their email accounts tied to their phone, so when they receive an email they can check it without going to their computer. For this reason, you will want to make sure that ALL or your emails to customers are mobile-optimised.