How Eircodes help improve the customer experience

With St Patricks Day on the horizon, we’re turning our attention to Irish online shoppers and retailers. In 2015, issues such as delivering goods, services and communications were common in Ireland. This is due to the fact that previously, Irish properties didn’t include detail such as a postcode that makes finding an individual address easier.  Tricky considering that more than one third of Irish properties have non-unique addresses. However, the introduction of Eircodes, just three years ago, made pinpointing an individual’s address much easier as each code is exclusive to that property.

While Eircodes data is a great way to resolve delivery issues, many retailers are still using an address lookup that doesn’t find Irish addresses. This is a big problem when we consider that Irish consumer spending is at approximately €7.5 billion annually and 2.5 million items are delivered each day on the Emerald Isle.

A lack of accurate address data can lead to a range of problems, including failed delivery and a poor customer experience.

How Irish consumers are affected

Research from PCA Predict shows that one in five Irish people experiences problems with their online shopping deliveries, which actually equates to 920,000 people. And not only this, but one in ten Irish people experienced delivery issues with up to 10 of their online purchases. This is particularly worrying when you consider Ireland’s position as one of the world’s leading digital economies.

According to our research, Irish shoppers are most likely to shop online once a month, but 10% of shoppers now make an online purchase at least once a week. Ireland’s digital economy is now believed to be worth 6% of the country’s GDP, which in monetary value is €12.3 billion, but, a lack of accurate Irish address data could cause a huge threat to this.

Our research shows that an enormous 67% of Irish consumers had experienced a late delivery, and, even more worryingly, 15% of Irish people stated that their package had been returned to sender as the courier was unable to find their address.

How Irish consumers feel about Eircodes

Despite the mixed response in the media, we found that ¾ of Irish people feel that the introduction of Eircodes will help reduce the problem of failed or late deliveries. And approximately the same amount of people know their unique code off by heart.

It is unsurprising that delivery issues leave consumers feeling frustrated, and 42% of Irish consumers say they blame both the retailer and the courier after a failed delivery, while well over a quarter would blame the retailer alone.

It’s not all doom and gloom for retailers

On the plus side, 58% of Irish consumers rate the majority of Irish retailers as “good”, but there are still vast improvements that can be made as a quarter still only rate their overall online shopping experience as “average”. With Irish consumers spending approximately €850,000 an hour online, “average” is not an option for retailers wanting to take advantage of this huge opportunity.

The real benefits of Eircodes

Eircodes ensure that online deliveries and service companies can reach the correct address without issues. This reduces issues connected to shopping online and allows retailers and couriers to correctly identify individual properties across Ireland.

The future of Eircodes

Due to the fact that the majority of Irish consumers now know their Eircode and understand the benefits they bring, we should start to see a significant dip in delivery issues.

For retailers delivering to Irish consumers, they need to ensure their online checkout is as effective as possible, ensuring it allows Irish consumers to enter their full address, including their Eircode. This will increase data quality, provide shoppers with a better online experience and improve delivery success. Entering an address online can often be tricky thanks to fat fingers, but by capturing an Eircode, the chances of getting a package to a consumer in Ireland is greatly increased.

Is your address validation tool capturing Eircodes? See how PCA Predict can help you reach more Irish customers this St Patrick’s Day.